Raspberry Pi Video Frame Manipulation @ Vibrations ’14

Vibrations 2014 posterFor Cairo Gallery‘s Vibrations Fest ’14 I built a video synthesizer app for Raspberry Pi with openFrameworks. ┬áChristian Petersen, Nick Bartoletti and I set up a video projection area off in an open area of the forest near the main stage in Volunteer Park Seattle.

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Capitol Hill Block Party 2013 Opening Gala

My contribution to last year’s visual arts opening night gala. Titled ‘Vase’, it can be seen on the table near the camera in this panorama. It is a generative digital sculpture. The surface of the Chilhuly-inspired work reflects the changing world outside and in front of the screen.

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Ditching Java/Processing applets

I have noticed lately that a ton of browsers are really making it very very difficult for Java applets to run on websites. I feel like it is no longer pays to showcase my work in this way, I mean how much do you trust a website that makes you click through three Java and browsers warnings about how harmful applets can be and why you should be wary? Anyway, with that in mind, I need to ditch them… I will be actively porting my old processing applets over to processing.js however there isn’t 100% compatibility, so sadly, that means some of my old work will no longer be accessible. Long story short: sorry for the broken links!

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