I have a tumblr now

I have created a Tumblr blog bearing my namesake.


To celebrate I have a new video showing off a metaball/voxelization exercise I made in processing.

It’s basically just me seeing how difficult it would be to make a 3D metaball-like program. It would be sweet to really implement a full-on marching cubes isosurface viewer but firstly, I think processing runs far too slowly on my computer to ever really be satisfied with that and, secondly, I wanted to play in a more “tactile” way with voxels.
I have been wanting to come at this voxel aesthetic for a while now and I actually got as far as pitching the idea of using some kind of voxel renderer to some fellow game developers as an aesthetic choice but they didn’t bite.

I’m digressing a lot! The point of this post is that I have a Tumblr now! Check it out! Really! It’s dope!

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