Ditching Java/Processing applets

I have noticed lately that a ton of browsers are really making it very very difficult for Java applets to run on websites. I feel like it is no longer pays to showcase my work in this way, I mean how much do you trust a website that makes you click through three Java and browsers warnings about how harmful applets can be and why you should be wary? Anyway, with that in mind, I need to ditch them… I will be actively porting my old processing applets over to processing.js however there isn’t 100% compatibility, so sadly, that means some of my old work will no longer be accessible. Long story short: sorry for the broken links!

Publishing Mobile Apps!

In the last three months, in addition to producing live-projections for several concerts and club nights, I have set to work making some new apps.  Last year, I had the pleasure to work with two different firms, Tinfoil Fez and Superfad., to produce an app or two for the itunes app store (links to these apps are at the bottom of the article).  The work got me thinking about what cool things I might be able to do on my own with the technology.

Being the proud owner of an Android EVO 3D, and having tried the apple thing for a while, I decided I should get my feet wet with Android development.


The first project I created was a ‘live wallpaper’ using the backbone of a sketch I made in Processing which does a reasonable job of taking a cellular automata called Langton’s Ant and making it visually appealing.  As a quick side note I found Langton’s Ant very interesting because the only real cellular automata I had been exposed to in software was Conway’s ‘Game of Life’.


Check it out!  You can find it on Google Play here!


featGraphic The next was a sound board with four sounds and one button simply and descriptively titled “Sick! Button.”  There is little to say about this project, with the exception of that I may add several more recordings of “Sick” to the app eventually, because that would be sick.

unnamed (1)

The Sick Button can be purchased here.



My next app was a great deal of fun – I decided I would jump back into iOS development and build an app as a Christmas present for my friends new daughter!  It seemed like a great idea.  It would be a way for me to get my first self-published app out in the itunes app store and I could get really creative with it. I figured since Caroline would be less than two months old, the app I made for her would have to be really simple.  The finished product reacts simply to touch, releasing brightly colored stars which fall according to the orientation the iPad (or iPhone) is held.  I personally think it’s really great when you hold it directly over your head!

mzl.ohmcmydt.175x175-75Stars for Caroline can be purchased here.



The app I helped make for Superfad., “Jimmy John’s Sandwich Cannon” can be found on itunes  here.

mzl.vxxwdvpf.175x175-75The app I helped make for Tinfoil Fez, “Barbie® Fashionistas®” can be found on itunes here.